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We all have a tiny balloon of happiness inside us. It is what lifts us up. It is the thing that gives us a feeling that we move without our toes touching the ground. It is the thing that makes us become more than we are. Supported by it, we float to a better place, above the things that drag us down and we can not change.

The only problem is that the balloon is leaking. The reason is that you can not put a knot in happiness and you can’t tie it down. It is fleeting and needs to be treated well or it will be gone in the blink of an eye.

That’s why you need to tend to your balloon and make sure you add new happiness to fill it up. And it deserves the best. There are many ways people tell you that make you happy: Achievements, possessions, being part of a group of people who believe in the same things.

These can work, but they are happiness that is watered down. True happiness comes from what you found. What you consider great. When you achieve something that makes you feel good without amassing anything physical. What you feel without putting things in your body that tell you you’re happy.

Happiness achieved at the cost of others doesn’t work. It is poisonous gas that will over time make your balloon fragile. It will make it less and less capable of holding in your happiness.

At times your balloon will be punctured, and all the happiness will seep out. You will fall down, on your arse and sit in the dirt thinking that’s where you belong. Don’t believe in that.

The great thing about real happiness is that it can fix punctures over time and lift you up even better than it did before.

Look around you, help your friends and enemies with their balloons of happiness. Together we can lift us all up where it is warm and bright and we help each other making swoops and loops.

Gravity should support us, it doesn’t have to keep us down.

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