webhint — hinting at a better web

Arguing with an engineer is like wrestling with a pig in shit. You realise far too late that it enjoys it.

  • It is slow, full of unwanted content
  • It allows others to track our users without our knowledge
  • It is full of security holes and much less maintained than it should be to prevent them becoming an attack vector
  • It lacks support for physical and digital availability for all.
  • Developers get very simple things wrong and often a mistake is copied and pasted or installed over and over

It can’t be a problem of lacking resources

Maybe it all is too much to take in

  • We can’t assume that every web developer out there can go to conferences, follow blog posts and watch videos.
  • We can’t assume that people can deal with the speed of news where a “modern, tiny solution” can turn into a “considered harmful” within a day.
  • We also can’t assume that what is a best practice for a huge web product applies to all smaller ones.
  • Far too often we’ve seen “best practices” come and go and what was a “quick, opinionated way to achieve more by writing less” turned into a stumbling block of the current web.

There is no one-size-fits-all best practice

Damage control

Often us in the inner circle of the “modern web” preach about best practices. Then some marketing web site by your company makes you look silly because it violates them.

  • Go to webhint.io Enter the URL you want to test
  • Wait a bit till all the hints came back
  • Get a report explaining all the things that are sub-optimal to dangerous. You don’t only get the error messages, but detailed explanation what these mean and how to fix the issues.

Make up your own tests checking what matters to your product

  • What if your tool doesn’t need to be PWA ready?
  • What if performance is less of an issue as you run on an intranet behind a firewall?
  • What if you can’t access webhint.io as you are working in a closed network?
  • What if you don’t use a browser at all but you also want to test a lot of documents for these quality features?



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