Tools and Tips to Optimise Your Workflow as a Developer

In this class I want to explain to you how to optimise your workflow as a developer, how to be understood and how to work together with people who are not in the same building as you.

  • How to set up your machine to make sure that you don’t make mistakes that are avoidable.
  • How to change your setup for the new, distributed world that we live in right now. Most of the time we’re not only developing, but we are in video meetings. Something we should consider how to make ourselves more effective in.
  • Version control, making sure that everything you do will be retained somewhere and you cannot make mistakes and lose your work.
  • Online collaboration, how you can build things that other people can collaborate with and work on while you’re in bed or you’re you’re not being available at the moment.
  • Helping others how to document and promote your work. How to give people access to what you do so they can document it and tell other people about it without having to be part of the process.

The skills I hope you can take away from that is communication, because I found in my career, no matter how good a developer you are, sooner or later, it will come down to the soft skills.

It’s not that we’re actually sitting in an office next to a senior developer anymore and learn everything from them. We are all distributed and we’re all working in different places. And this is a freedom we actually fought for and we should embrace.

Me using the setup that really works for me.




Maker of web things. Ponderer of new technology. Lover of simplicity. Portfolio: —

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Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann

Maker of web things. Ponderer of new technology. Lover of simplicity. Portfolio: http://christianheilmann.com

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