One million broken web sites — and a way to prevent that

How to test for these issues in your browser

I have a full course on Skillshare on the matter and wrote in detail how to test for these issues in the Edge Developer Tools documentation. There’s also a handy reference on which tool to use to test for each problem and even if you use other browsers, there is a lot available in those.

Learning about accessibility issues while you develop

If you are a user of Visual Studio Code, you can get the Edge DevTools for VS Code extension, which analyses the code in your Workspace and flags up all the accessibility issues that need fixing.

It’s a start…

Using these features will not prevent all accessibility mistakes. There is also the fact that many of these problems aren’t caused by developers and designers at all but by content management problems or even themes not in your control. But these things can help avoid the most obvious problems, and any accessibility barrier that doesn’t show up in a live product is already a win.



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