New feature in VideoTap: Clips — create short excerpt videos from bigger ones by highlighting text in the transcript

Christian Heilmann
2 min readAug 26, 2023


VideoTap keeps getting better and better. The latest version now has a new feature called Clips which allows you to create short excerpt videos from larger ones by selecting a part of the text in the transcript.

When you upload a video, VideoTap automatically creates a transcript, which is used to create the AI powered blog post, tweets and other social media texts. It now also detects interesting quotes in the video and creates short videos from them to use on Instagram, TikTok or other short video platforms to advertise the full version. You get a selection of those when you go to to the dashboard of your video and choose “clips”:

The clips part of the VideoTap menu shows several clips it generated automatically from the transcript for you to choose from. These already animate so you can see the result immediately.

The videos show the transcript part as a caption with highlight on the current word. You can customise this to your needs and even fix typos as necessary.

The clip preview shows the video and allows you to define how many words should be shown on the screen at any time, the colour highlight and provides a way to fix typos

Instead of using these automatically detected clips, you can also highlight a part of the text and generate a clip that way. To do this, activate the “Create a Clip” button on the clips page or highlight a different part of the transcript:

You can also highlight any part of the text and VideoTap will generate the video for you.

Once you’re happy with the result, activate the export clip button and after a while you can download your video.

Check the video to see it all in action:

I’m currently looking at all the videos of the WeAreDeveloper World Congress, and this will be a great tool to make the job of reusing those a lot easier.

Try VideoTap here .