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  • Simona Cotin

    Simona Cotin

    Cloud Developer Advocate @Microsoft

  • Mathieu 'p01' Henri

    Mathieu 'p01' Henri

    Creative coder, Technical Speaker, Demoscener, JavaScript freak and size optimizer extraordinaire acting on the web platform and in Assembler on PC and Atari ST

  • Raphael Köllner

    Raphael Köllner

    IT-Engineer, MVP Office Server&Services, Windows Insider MVP, Hololens Dev. blogger & become a lawyer. Love Community! Eng: http://www.rakoellner.com

  • Mozilla Hacks

    Mozilla Hacks

    Official Mozilla account for web developers. Learn about new web technologies, great HTML5 apps, and Firefox features.

  • Michael Beckwith

    Michael Beckwith

    Some people like to bounce against padded walls. Others like to burn the madhouse down. Better dead than Smeg. Developer/Support for @WebDevStudios. BPCore Docs

  • Anthony Ricaud

    Anthony Ricaud

    Web standards addict.

  • Jens Grochtdreis

    Jens Grochtdreis

    Frontend Developer and trainer in frontend techniques from Germany (http://grochtdreis.de)

  • Stacey Jenkins

    Stacey Jenkins

    A frog person who works as a designer by day and a illustrator by night. Also likes D&D, lo-fi photography and chocolate with salt and peanut butter.

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