Celebrating 1M installs of Edge DevTools for VS Code

The extension showing what it does inside visual studio code

I immediately latched onto this idea as a great one and after writing quite a few presentations and many an internal meeting we got funding for the product.

Fast forward to now and the DevTools for Visual Studio Code extension just broke the 1M installs mark.

Header of the extension listing showing the amount of installs
Code problems in the document being flagged up and explained
browser preview showing the current project in a simulated mobile resolution
a change in the styles using the visual tool affects the source code
The browser console inside VS Code
  • We cleaned up a >10 year old code base to be not a monolithic box in the browser but allowed to use the different tools in the Developer Tools App separately.
  • We upgraded the browser screencast of Chromium to a fully fledged panel inside VS code, that can be moved to anywhere you want and has all the interaction you have in a main browser window when it comes to overlays and showing CSS features.
  • We integrated the functionality of the issues panel into your code to show you live issue reporting including customisability



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